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2019, and we’re off to a start.

Wow, hi folks. 2018 wandered off a few days ago to do whatever old years do once a new one shows up on the scene.
3 Jan 2019
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Good night, Ancheer.

So, in March of 2018, I had posted that I bought an Ancheer folding electric mountain bike. I bought it so that I could cycle more, get to places easier without requiring the use of a bus, but still p…
22 Dec 2018 ANCHEER,e-bike
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Electric vehicles, and the human need.

I’m an (US) American, and I’m generally not a fan of most automobiles. Let this sink in for a moment, especially if you’re not from the USA. I’ve made enemies with that stateme…
10 Nov 2018
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Settling in with the new host.

I’ve had a few weeks now to get settled in with my new host, BigFoot Servers. I picked up a reseller account, mostly because it gets me the split between self-managing (like a VPS), and having s…
7 Sep 2018 update,web hosting
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Friday night, and new things.

It’s Friday evening as I sit here, accompanied by five small glasses of beer from a local brewery. I’ve never done a beer flight before tonight, but it’s actually a pretty nice exper…
31 Aug 2018 Beer,Beer Flight,Ninkasi
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Purge and Flow.

With my needing to move from my old web host to a new one, I find myself restarting my entire weblog once more. I’m not too surprised — I sort of jumped the gun with the domain name re-poi…
29 Aug 2018
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The search for hosting continues…

I’m looking into a new hosting provider. With a grateful hat tip to Surpass Hosting for putting up with me for the last decade, it’s time for me to look for new territory to hang out. A se…
9 Aug 2018 searching,web hosting
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The sweet stench of notum.

Ah, Anarchy Online. This was my first MMORPG over a decade ago. I fell in love with the fictional world of Rubi-Ka, ever so long ago, wandering around the sterile streets of Rome Blue and Rome Green, …
22 Jun 2018
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‘Jayelatitude’, or ‘The Scraptop Rises’.

Wow, two posts, this close together! I must be on a roll. So, a few months back, I was at our local electronics recycling shop, and saw this pile of old laptops. All of them were $15.00 each, missing …
12 Jun 2018 Jayelatitude,laptop,writing
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The loss of Project Wonderful.

In which Xial mourns the pending shutdown of Project Wonderful, and reminisces a little on how they worked in the past.
11 Jun 2018 ads,advertisement,blogging,personal,Project Wonderful,rambling
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