Category: My SARS-CoV-2 Life

  • Top of October, and what goes.

    This goes a bit deep into burnt out noodles territory. For those of you who need it, a content warning about the state of my mental health.

  • Whimsywear, or The Art of Disarming Face Masks.

    So, I poisoned my mind last night, reading stuff on Twitter about how a county out here in Oregon has mandatory mask wearing, except if you’re a person of color. There are a lot of folks with their bits in various types of twists over this, but I may as well chime in as someone […]

  • The power of e-scooters.

    Since we’ve all been asked to stay home, stay healthy, or any permutation of those words due to the current pandemiscape, I’ve been sitting here and mulling over my biggest issue. I’ve been wanting to get a new e-bike or similar so that I can get around town easier, because I do have to occasionally […]

  • Lay low, wash your hands, ride the furlough.

    These times are new and rough for many of us, not knowing exactly how to navigate our new pandemiscape. I’m going to say first that I’m actually thankful for being furloughed from my job at this time. It IS hard to deal with, being used to working and working and working, then told nope, go […]