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  • Electric vehicles and the human need.

    A preface: I started writing this post a few years prior, and it got lost in thought. While my transportation modality has changed: I now own an automobile, the bulk of what I said still stands. For a year and a half, I owned an electric scooter, which was sadly recently stolen after being down […]

  • Good night, Ancheer.

    So, in March of 2018, I had posted that I bought an Ancheer folding electric mountain bike. I bought it so that I could cycle more, get to places easier without requiring the use of a bus, but still potentially have the backup option of loading onto a bus should weather or health necessitate said […]

  • Two months of Ancheer.

    Hey folks. It’s now been a couple of months since I’ve purchased the ANCHEER folding mountain e-bike. It has been my daily rider, to and from work, the mall, grocery shopping, and so on. Right now, I think it is safe to say that this is actually a pretty good beginner’s e-bike, a solid place […]