Uncoiled, Heavenward

Uncoiled, Heavenward

A Chronoverse Short

Written by Xial Lunashine in 2015


This is a short story based upon my Chronoverse, a universe where the star that should be at the middle is a core of condensed Time, so dense that extremely close proximity to said core provides a lethal dose of Time.

Time is the essence that comprises both the forces of Magic and Science in this universe, keeping both arts in a realm of reasonable practice. Teleportation does exist in a universe like this, but both Magic and Science use time dilation to accomplish this feat.

Magic is generally class-locked at birth with an affinity, preventing one person from becoming rudely overpowered.

Science isn’t concept-locked, but is overall weaker to compensate for one person being able to jump from concept to concept.

This story takes place on a large planet located in the Low Sphere.

The Chronoverse is divided into three layers:

  • High Sphere, where magic users reside. The proximity to the Time Core is strongly conducive to magic use.
  • Mid-Sphere, where both magic users and scientific practitioners have settled. While the influence of Time is weaker here, which reduces magic effectiveness, it’s still very strong, allowing for scientific practitioners to be stronger here than they would be in…
  • Low Sphere, where magic users fear to tread, and science prevails. The concentration of Time here is much lower than that of the upper spheres. So much so, that there are regulations against magic users drawing upon their power, lest they cause devastation denoted by pockets devoid of the blessing of Time. These pockets are easily spotted by deadsand, which is a sand that bears the appearance of granulated glass, and the properties of being able to soak up Time around it.