A brief rant on cellular connectivity.

I promise to keep this brief, because it doesn’t quite fit the theme I wanted to set here, and yet it does have an effect on me.

Modern tech is designed to be convenient, with services delivered often at the press of a button.

I’m not getting this out of my mobile carrier. For the last two months, I’ve been working in a college town, right outside of the university campus, and I’ve had super poor signal that won’t let me place or receive calls, or no signal at all, so everything goes to voicemail. I complained audibly enough that a master ticket was opened, and I’m certain that I have coworkers that contributed to that ticket as well.

This is mainly important because texting or calling my mobile is something that is critically needed with me having been in the middle of a housing search. I can’t be reached for ten hours of my day. This wouldn’t be bad if I worked a schedule that gave me a couple of business hours on either end of the day, but I work those very business hours. So I must call during my lunch, which is painfully short at 30 minutes. I get a choice: bike out of the bad signal to place and receive calls (at least quarter mile each way), hope that the Xfinity access point is up and strong enough to allow wi-fi calling, or don’t bother until the end of day.

I’d change networks, but right now, a network change means I’ll have to accept an Android or iOS device. BlackBerry announced the death of their hardware division. I wouldn’t trust the existing hardware to get proper maintenance, as result. Windows 10 Mobile, on the other hand, isn’t getting a lot of love hardware-wise. Going to VZW yields one phone: Lumia 735. Pretty phone. I have one. Going to AT&T yields a couple of phones, but a ridiculous purchasing requirement. 30 month device payment? Nope. Sprint has no Windows 10 Mobile devices.

This frustrates me, and yet my carrier knows they have me by the balls, based on phone preference.

This sucks.