Category: Rant

  • I have the keys to a broken kingdom.

    Originally, I tweeted this, but I think I may wish to expand upon a couple of points. The unrolled tweet for those who can’t be assed to read it on Twitter (not that I blame you): A thought, in several lengths: I’m nearly 40. I am considered a millenial or xennial, though I come in […]

  • Whimsywear, or The Art of Disarming Face Masks.

    So, I poisoned my mind last night, reading stuff on Twitter about how a county out here in Oregon has mandatory mask wearing, except if you’re a person of color. There are a lot of folks with their bits in various types of twists over this, but I may as well chime in as someone […]

  • Righteous Energy, Wrongly Directed.

    I’m going to expend one of my Politics points for the year on this post. This will leave me with 2 points when I’m done and this is posted. I’m fairly good at keeping politically charged statements to a minimum, so this won’t become the new norm. You’re welcome to scroll on past, but I’d […]

  • IVR Voice Gating, a reminder.

    Did you know? Whenever you get an interactive voice recognition system by calling a big business, many of them are set up with voice gates that will dump you into specific queues. Certain words, phrases, and tonalities can pull you to the front of the queue as a VIP. VIP, in this case, is often […]

  • Mail Order Pharmaceuticals, Revisited.

    Xial gnaws at the spleen of Pharmaceutical Benefits Management companies for double damage.

  • On Annoyances with Mail Order Pharmacies

    In which Xial gets angrier than usual over a pharmaceuticals delay, and expresses ire for mail order pharmacies.

  • A brief rant on cellular connectivity.

    I promise to keep this brief, because it doesn’t quite fit the theme I wanted to set here, and yet it does have an effect on me. Modern tech is designed to be convenient, with services delivered often at the press of a button. I’m not getting this out of my mobile carrier. For the […]