Category: Rant

  • Electric vehicles and the human need.

    A preface: I started writing this post a few years prior, and it got lost in thought. While my transportation modality has changed: I now own an automobile, the bulk of what I said still stands. For a year and a half, I owned an electric scooter, which was sadly recently stolen after being down […]

  • There are gTLDs, developers.

    Bloody act like it. This starts a rant about Cost Plus World Market, and many other websites that requests your email address, but uses some archaic, distressingly not-updated method of determining if the email address might or might not be valid. As you can see, this post happens to be sitting on a domain,; […]

  • The Pharmaceutical Desert grows…

    Xial laments and rambles about the growth of the local pharmaceutical desert in their area.

  • A ponderance on new hosting digs…

    Well… I’m starting to ponder a change of hosting. In theory, I could move most of my stuff to my recently configured Scaleway Stardust instance, as I’m using it to learn Caddy. Caddy has been extra easy, thus far, though I am not sure how I would handle the equivalent of Apache’s mod_rewrite rules, which […]

  • Moving dislike of Walgreens from Passive to Active.

    Who the fuck are you to tell me to just “not worry” about a separate discount card that my medical practice suggested I use for a new medicine? Sure, it might “only” save me $15 on this refill, which you might think is inconsequential, but to me, that was also the cost of NEXT month’s […]

  • I didn’t ask to wake up black.

    This post will be short, but unusual compared to my typical content (or sparseness thereof). Normally, I’d hide it behind a cut, but honestly, no, you need to see this. There are people in this society who think it their right to cause mental anguish to someone else because of the tone of their skin, […]

  • Porch Piracy, Pharmaceutical Perils, Mandatory Mailed Mayhem.

    Xial laments and rambles a little about the annoyances and perils of mail order pharmaceuticals, with focus on porch piracy.

  • On freedom of choice in pharmacies.

    I’ll keep this one shorter than usual. I advocate for the freedom to choose which pharmacy you can go to. Being told you can only use certain pharmacies does not encourage good care. When a doctor prescribes a medicine for the patient to pick up ASAP, if they are locked into just one pharmacy chain […]

  • Top of October, and what goes.

    This goes a bit deep into burnt out noodles territory. For those of you who need it, a content warning about the state of my mental health.

  • We on that #DeleteFacebook trend train again.

    I took a look at Twitter today, as is my refreshed routine during this pandemic, and I see people are on the #DeleteFacebook trend. Okay, let me help y’all out. The primary reason many people claim they cannot delete Facebook is “But my friends/family/partner are on there and it’s the easy way to keep up […]