The beginning…

It’s a bit past zero hour somewhere.

I sit hunched over a physical keyboard, pecking away at the keys, bottled water sitting to the left of the plastic keys and membranous housing connected to a computer. The drone of an evaporative cooler starting to beg for water drowns out the clicks and clacks of the buttons as letters appear on the screen, my eyes bleary and the noise enough to keep me awake for a few moments longer.

I can feel the exhaustion creep into my muscles and bones, sleep begging me to lay on the giraffe-patterned sheets of the bed behind me. The D-shaped belt buckle digs into my chubbiness a little as I try to find a comfortable position to sit in for a few minutes longer.

Alas, exhaustion and pain begin to win this battle.

I’ll paint this house later. Welcome to, folks, a repository for the random tidbits of writing that I’ve wanted to post, but haven’t had a place that makes me happy enough to do so.

It’s my hope that over time, I’ll add the features I need, like ePub support, a cozy reading mode that dims the display to avoid hammering your eyes, and pagination to make it easier to pick up where one has left off in a story.

It’s good to be home.