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  • Exercise with Fatbutt.

    Bit of a personal joke, of course. I’m fat, I know it, and in the past couple of months, I’ve been tackling that issue in earnest. In February, I joined a support group paid for by my insurance through work that’s been helping me. In March, I started going to the gym. April saw the […]

  • Settling in with the new host.

    I’ve had a few weeks now to get settled in with my new host, BigFoot Servers. I picked up a reseller account, mostly because it gets me the split between self-managing (like a VPS), and having someone I can go to when stuff just isn’t working the way I think it should. Getting set up […]

  • Friday night, and new things.

    It’s Friday evening as I sit here, accompanied by five small glasses of beer from a local brewery. I’ve never done a beer flight before tonight, but it’s actually a pretty nice experience. Tried five different beers, liked three of them enough to finish the sample glass; fourth one is okay, and the fifth one […]

  • Purge and Flow.

    With my needing to move from my old web host to a new one, I find myself restarting my entire weblog once more. I’m not too surprised — I sort of jumped the gun with the domain name re-point, and didn’t really export my old blog posts in a format that’s easy to import. … […]

  • ‘Jayelatitude’, or ‘The Scraptop Rises’.

    Wow, two posts, this close together! I must be on a roll. So, a few months back, I was at our local electronics recycling shop, and saw this pile of old laptops. All of them were $15.00 each, missing hard drives, batteries, and power adapters. By old, I do mean about a decade old — […]

  • The loss of Project Wonderful.

    In which Xial mourns the pending shutdown of Project Wonderful, and reminisces a little on how they worked in the past.

  • No more Patreon.

    Xial here.   Bit of a quickie: I had placed my Patreon on hold for a bit, because I haven’t had the time or focus to sit down and work on Partners like I wanted. I’ve hit a point where my personal time has honestly dwindled, courtesy of having housemates that are social creatures. No, […]

  • I’m up entirely too late to bring you this.

    Just a quick thing. I’ve really not had any time to work on writing, between needing to rebuild hardware*, working a new job (Thursday through Monday, of all things. Send sushi moneys to $xial), and having social housemates (Wednesday night dinners, really). I’ve had my Patreon on pause for the past couple of months as […]

  • Silence is Golden, but Damage is Chronometric.

    Hey, folks! Xial here. August has been a very, very interesting month for me. I restarted my Patreon, right as I got so fed up with a part time retail job that I just quit. Granted, a few days before, I had hit my tolerance point for the place that I was ready to walk […]

  • ‘Partners’, coming soon.

    About a week ago, I announced on Inkbunny that I was working on converting Norithics’ Partners series, volume 1 to ePub, because I wanted to see a digital copy of the book. At that time, I was hasty and thought I’d have it done in a couple of days. There’s a LOT to Volume 1. […]