A fresh can of paint.

I caved in. I bought a WordPress theme, because I just haven’t felt quite as urged to re-learn PHP and write my own theme again.

Granted, the theme I purchased is kind of a special one since it’s one of those engines that allows you to (within reason) build what you want within its framework, and publish that as what you’d like to show off to people. I’ve to learn a bit more about it, so I can get more of what I want out of it, but it’s a bit closer to what I’d like out of an appearance than what I was using.

It’s also special in that the framework in question allows me to build child themes, as far as I’ve gathered, and actually resell these.


For my Patreon patron(s), you deserve more flavor in your update. Here’s the seasoner:

I’ve tabled work on converting Norithics’ Partners series temporarily. There’s a LOT of writing there, and I need to be able to pay proper attention while I work to get the formatting correct. I also need to track down a bug in generation that is causing everything in the test e-book to act as if it were all being shoved into a set of nested tables with pixel-thick borders. Just a few pages in on the last generated test, and I can see eight nested tables. I’m nine issues in on formatting, and I need to know before I finish these whether there’s something dumb that I’m doing, or if it’s a bug in Nimble Writer’s ePub generation.

To that end, I’m working on another short story of my own, so that I can have a separate test bed to see just what is going on. I admit that I’m cheating a little with the story, as it’s another one focused in my Chronoverse, but it’s part of one that I never posted, and nearly lost when the Copy online storage service shut down earlier this year. If I didn’t have redundant copies of damn near everything, this tale would’ve been lost, even to me.

Even that is running a little on the slow side, because I’m struggling to find a place to live, and it’s getting really close to struggle time.

Anyhow, back to the grind.