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  • Updates!

    Just a quick set of updates as I get ready to run to work here. WordPress has hit a milestone release with version 6 of their platform software recently. They’ve come a long, long way from their initial fork of b2 ages ago, and I’ll gladly say Congrats to Automattic and team for the work […]

  • Not a coilover, but Coil.

    For a while now, I’ve been quietly monetizing my weblog here using a micropayments service called Coil. Why Micropayments? Why not? is the question I propose in return. By and large, we’ve become ad-deaf. That is, we’ve learned to mentally tune out banner ads, ignore posts that are seemingly 91% advertisement and 9% content by […]

  • Archaic Standards of User Information Tracking, revisited.

    Let’s start with the Salt Cup of things. You’re likely reading this here on a less common gTLD, that is, You’ve seen all the dot-coms, dot-nets, dot-orgs, and the country codes in general, and now there’re these colorful new gTLDs, like .abogado (lawyers and law firms!), .dog (downward facing — oh, wait, that’s .yoga; […]

  • Depress the clutch, release the clutch.

    Just a short one, this time. I’m learning how to drive a manual transmission car, by way of being blessed with one recently. I’m doing reasonably well with the concept, and with further thought, I think that if I ever need to buy another car and it’s not all electric, I could buy a stick […]

  • A ponderance on new hosting digs…

    Well… I’m starting to ponder a change of hosting. In theory, I could move most of my stuff to my recently configured Scaleway Stardust instance, as I’m using it to learn Caddy. Caddy has been extra easy, thus far, though I am not sure how I would handle the equivalent of Apache’s mod_rewrite rules, which […]

  • *grmbl*

    The one thing that gets me about open source projects is that while many of them are becoming simpler, others are turning up the complication factor beyond a comfortable level. Maybe this time… MAYBE… Maybe Lick the Blue Things will announce its presence on the Fediverse. Also on:

  • An attempt to fix things…

    So, reviewing my plugins a little closer for WordPress, it appears the old way I was doing things for federating to Mastodon might have been long broken and had been fixed with different plugins that I had installed, but not set up. I’ll know fairly soon if this works… If so, hello, Fediverse. 🙂

  • A reflection upon the past, part one.

    In which Xial talks a fair bit about the past, of loss and homelessness.

  • Porch Piracy, Pharmaceutical Perils, Mandatory Mailed Mayhem.

    Xial laments and rambles a little about the annoyances and perils of mail order pharmaceuticals, with focus on porch piracy.

  • Back to School!?

    It’s happening. I signed up to go back to school, finally, and will be working toward my Associates Degree in Business Administration. I’ll be starting classes next Wednesday night, and this has me rather nervous when you get down to it. Here I am, a person in my late 30s, going back to school and […]