Silence is Golden, but Damage is Chronometric.

Hey, folks! Xial here.

August has been a very, very interesting month for me. I restarted my Patreon, right as I got so fed up with a part time retail job that I just quit.
Granted, a few days before, I had hit my tolerance point for the place that I was ready to walk out that day. Through some careful wrangling, I managed to line up a bit of temporary work that has consistent, humanizing hours, and a pay rate that gives me a chance to put away a little cash to try to get another place to stay.

A place to stay, you say?

I’ll get more into why I do not want to move with them after the cut.

Current living situation is changing as the homeowner of this place is planning on moving out to the country to get the hell away from civilization. Can’t say I blame him, as I’ve known him for almost a decade at this point, and he’s never really been too big on being in crowded, tightly packed areas.

However, I need the protection that being in a diverse population brings, because moving to a town with a population that isn’t five digits means I stand out more, and could end up being the only person of color in the area. This scares me on a personal level, and it scares me deeply. It shouldn’t, right? Racism isn’t a thing, yeah? Everyone’s equal in the eyes of their fellow hu, okay?


I live in a country that is a powder keg waiting for a spark-off to happen. Right now, it’s a strange case of Safety in Numbers, in that we don’t want to all gather in one spot as it would make us an easy target, but having a bunch of us scattered all around the city provides a level of comfort, because when you notice those numbers falling, you know it’s time to grab the bag and bug the hell out as quickly as possible.

I shouldn’t need to feel this paranoid, but with the shit all the talking heads are saying, and with the rising voices of the everypeople, it’s scary. So I’m hoping to find a place in the general area, with a somewhat decent mixture of people. Where I’m at now is that place, so far. If I had $11,000, I could buy it off the current owner and keep living here, but I do not see this being the case unless I can find some first time home buyer grants.

This is stuff that has me worried, because I’m starting to run out of time to find a place.

It’s most of what has had my story works pretty much non-existent.
I can’t focus enough to write ScleraBurn, which would be a short tale from my Chronoverse universe involving s:Stiletto on an assignment that went wrong enough for her to go on the juice.
I can’t focus enough to write Boosted Atlatl, another short tale that gets into the backstory of s:Akuteb and her weak heart, combined with her love for speed, and the Sigfile project that allows her to get her thrills in.

Everyone’s met, or has had a chance to meet s:GreatShark in Miutium Minutiae and Chemical Assistance, which were generally told from his viewpoint.

I also haven’t had the will to sit down and focus nearly as much on cleaning up Nori’s Partners series, which needs more formatting work, and then a new test run on real hardware.

I’ll figure out living quarters at some point this weekend, I think.

Right now, I’m going to try to de-stress and have a good one. 🙂