Painuary, Februargh, and Updates.

A bit of a repost from my Patreon, in order to spare my shoulder and wrist from the flames.

I had this nice little audio post that I had put together in Painuary (last month) that was intended to update everyone that was interested as to the lack of activity.

Sadly, when making an audio post, it causes Patreon to barf out with a “Something went wrong…” message. A subsequent trouble ticket was opened after I could recreate the issue in more than one browser.

The shortened version of the Painuary update is as such:

Early in January, I had a slip and fall on a patch of ice around town. Landed pretty hard on my knees and my right wrist. I’m right handed, which means that’s a bad hand to injure. I use an ergo keyboard, with a nice big split in the middle, so it was challenging to type anything then.

The right hand pain is going away, weeks later, but I’m not good for sitting and typing long-winded things – it makes my shoulder feel as if it were ablaze, and after about 10-20 minutes, the hand and shoulder feel as if they’ve caught fire.

This hampers my ability to work on writing.

I’m currently in physical therapy and other medical treatment to help improve my hand usage, return strength to the arm muscles, work on making the pain in the shoulder socket bearable, and prevent atrophy of muscles.

I’m taking frequent breaks throughout my day, not typing much beyond short conversational bursts, but not being able to let my brain pour its thoughts out is rather distressing.

That leads to the following:

I’m considering doing an audiobook-like reading of a couple of my stories as something to upload and share with you all.

I’d like your honest opinion on the idea.

I’ll likely redo the reading for Chemical Assistance (original version is over on FurAffinity, here), and perhaps Uncoiled, Heavenward.


Time to ice and medicate.