Pandoc toolchain update, with Partners.

Hey folks, Xial here.

The boyfriend was kind enough to load the story onto his bookreader and send me a handful of photos so I know what’s going on as I work my way through the master file and get the editing works done on Partners.

This does wonders for my mood, knowing that it’s coming out mostly as I would like to see it on dedicated hardware. I’ve to go through the chapters at some point to make sure I’ve not missed anything that needs to be cleaned up, editing-wise, find a slightly faster way to get the PET text to automatically export and take its formatting with it, and go from there.

In the interim, I’m waiting on a keyboard to arrive for my tablet. I’d like to be able to do some of the editing outside of my bedroom, possibly at a Starbucks or somewhere else that I can sit with free Wi-Fi and be largely undisturbed for an hour or two at a time. Said keyboard is finally within the country borders, but will take probably a few more days to get to me. That’ll be nice.