I’m up entirely too late to bring you this.

Just a quick thing.

I’ve really not had any time to work on writing, between needing to rebuild hardware*, working a new job (Thursday through Monday, of all things. Send sushi moneys to $xial), and having social housemates (Wednesday night dinners, really).

I’ve had my Patreon on pause for the past couple of months as a result.

I’m also blowing minds as my use of email addresses that do not conform to the typical ‘.com/.net/.org’ mindset leads to an amusingly high frequency of “… is that even valid?” Yes, my friends, it really is. 🙂

And now, TO BED.


* : Waiting on a refund to get a new computer case from Newegg. Trying to get my tablet replaced or repaired and getting angry enough that I ended up clapping ?? at ?? the ?? company that made it in a tweet. Eyeballing a new keyboard because while I like the one that I have, I really, REALLY, REALLY miss having a ten-key pad. I actually use it, and having to go to the character mapper just to enter accented characters when I’m used to alt-0233 for one of the accented e that I use is driving me up the wall. Trying to deal with a spotty wireless adapter and also considering a flavor of Linux (probably NOT Ubuntu) for the new build, once I can locate a storage device of reasonable price, since Cities: Skylines and LibreOffice both work in Linux. 🙂