No more Patreon.

Xial here.


Bit of a quickie: I had placed my Patreon on hold for a bit, because I haven’t had the time or focus to sit down and work on Partners like I wanted.

I’ve hit a point where my personal time has honestly dwindled, courtesy of having housemates that are social creatures. No, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s a foreign thing, after looking back at the last decade of my life and not having that high level of social interaction, to suddenly feeling thrust into maintaining time facing people? It’s overwhelming at times, but I honestly cannot say I’d trade it for anything.

In the interim, because I really haven’t been able to focus on treating Partners for ePub readiness, and it’s tedious to remember to suspend each month of Patreon, it’s easier to flip the switch to the off position.

Maybe in the future when things are less in a state of flux, I can return to the idea, if I’ve not been beaten to it by someone else.