Friday night, and new things.

It’s Friday evening as I sit here, accompanied by five small glasses of beer from a local brewery.

I’ve never done a beer flight before tonight, but it’s actually a pretty nice experience.

Tried five different beers, liked three of them enough to finish the sample glass; fourth one is okay, and the fifth one is truly not one I like.

Specifically: Ninkasi Brewing’s Helles Belles, Yours Truly, and Vanilla Oatis were all delicious. I didn’t care for the Pacific Rain at all, and the one in the middle is named for the neighborhood that the tasting house is in, and part of the Whiteaker Series. I am fairly certain it’s #3, Sage Wit.

I might have to make this stop more often, but I really would like a beverage buddy to do this with.

Also, alcohol sets in fairly quickly. Whoops.