Speaking of making healthcare better for folks…

… and I will speak of Extra Life.

I’ve participated in Extra Life in the past a couple of times, raising a little money to help out my then local hospitals, back when I lived in the eastern part of the USA.

I feel that the Children’s Miracle Network does an absolutely grand job to help children find their way home, happy and healthy, while trying to lift as much stress off the backs and shoulders of their parents. When a parent is less stressed, this contributes positively on the healthy outcome for the child, and CMN does the work when it comes to that.

So this year, I’m getting back into participating in Extra Life, and I do hope that you all will join me. I intend to stream off and on throughout the day — nothing like the marathon 24 hour stream I tried to pull off in 2014 (and failed near the end). Just reasonable blocks of an hour here, two hours there, and pointing off to the folks I’m joining as a guest streamer.

I’ll be streaming on US Pacific Time (UTC -07:00, with a time change happening late night in my local time zone, pushing me back to UTC -08:00), starting sometime around 11:00 US PDT (19:00 UTC).

Each of us is raising funds for our local (or in my case, semi-local) hospitals that are in the Children’s Miracle Network.

I’m still plotting what I’ll play, as I have a bunch of games sitting here. It might be fun to grab a game or four that I’ve not particularly played and muddle my way through them with an audience, though I’m also considering some grinding in Path of Exile with a brand new character in the new league, which means new stuff I’d have to sort through and learn.

I also promise to write one letter in Kind Words on stream.

If you can find the change in the cushions, go drop off some recycling for a few spare bucks, sell some cryptocurrency, or something to help these children and their families, I’d super appreciate it. If you look to my sidebar, there’s a gauge there showing my current progress, and taking you to a donation page.

Lastly, I need to decide between Mixer and Twitch for streaming; both were a mite frustrating to set up, but that’s at least done now.

Hope to see you all there. 🙂