Back to School!?

It’s happening.

I signed up to go back to school, finally, and will be working toward my Associates Degree in Business Administration. I’ll be starting classes next Wednesday night, and this has me rather nervous when you get down to it.

Here I am, a person in my late 30s, going back to school and also juggling a full time job at the same time. I do have fewer things to deal with for now, compared to 20 years ago, but I’m also older, and more tired more often.

This will be an interesting experience, though, as I’ve grown significantly as a person, and have more patience and discipline under my belt than I did when I was 18. I was impulsive and somewhat impetuous as a late teen. I’m just more observant of things for now.

What’s great is that everything will be online, no campus time or anything, through the University of the People, and the pricing is something I can afford without incurring an untenable amount of debt. This keeps me sane and calm, knowing I can improve my lot, and make myself more desirable to employers.

I’m still a bundle of nerves, though! 🙂