Category: Update

  • Two months of Ancheer.

    Hey folks. It’s now been a couple of months since I’ve purchased the ANCHEER folding mountain e-bike. It has been my daily rider, to and from work, the mall, grocery shopping, and so on. Right now, I think it is safe to say that this is actually a pretty good beginner’s e-bike, a solid place […]

  • A few weeks with the ANCHEER folding electric mountain bike.

    Hi, folks. I mentioned in a recent blog post that I had purchased an ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike. I’ve had it for a few moist Oregon weeks now, and have taken it out in all of the weather the state has offered me recently. High winds, cold rain, and bleary sunlight admixed with clouds… […]

  • I live, somewhat.

    A short ramble for the new year, only a third of the way into it. 🙂

  • Progress, at a glance.

    It’s been a while. Welcome along, folks. I’ve not been as diligent on Partners as I wanted to be.

  • Pandoc toolchain update, with Partners.

    Hey folks, Xial here. The boyfriend was kind enough to load the story onto his bookreader and send me a handful of photos so I know what’s going on as I work my way through the master file and get the editing works done on Partners. This does wonders for my mood, knowing that it’s […]

  • I have the BEST boyfriend.

    Hey folks, Xial here. I’ve mentioned in the past in a couple of places that I am having some toolchain issues — namely with conversion and ePub output for converting Partners. What I hadn’t mentioned as much is how much the broken toolchain demoralizes me as an editor. The annoyances of trying to edit a […]

  • Painuary, Februargh, and Updates.

    A bit of a repost from my Patreon, in order to spare my shoulder and wrist from the flames. I had this nice little audio post that I had put together in Painuary (last month) that was intended to update everyone that was interested as to the lack of activity. Sadly, when making an audio […]

  • Happy Crimbo.

    Hey folks. I’m aware the day is mostly over, but still, I figure that I’d wish people a Happy Crimbo (or whichever holiday you follow-day here). Spent a little time in and out of the hospital over the past week, but I am starting to do much better. So much so that I got in […]

  • Movement, Unboxing, Thought Processes.

    A brief update and outpouring of thought after my move.

  • A fresh can of paint.

    I caved in. I bought a WordPress theme, because I just haven’t felt quite as urged to re-learn PHP and write my own theme again. Granted, the theme I purchased is kind of a special one since it’s one of those engines that allows you to (within reason) build what you want within its framework, […]