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  • Archaic Standards of User Information Tracking, revisited.

    Let’s start with the Salt Cup of things. You’re likely reading this here on a less common gTLD, that is, lick.blue. You’ve seen all the dot-coms, dot-nets, dot-orgs, and the country codes in general, and now there’re these colorful new gTLDs, like .abogado (lawyers and law firms!), .dog (downward facing — oh, wait, that’s .yoga; […]

  • A ponderance on new hosting digs…

    Well… I’m starting to ponder a change of hosting. In theory, I could move most of my stuff to my recently configured Scaleway Stardust instance, as I’m using it to learn Caddy. Caddy has been extra easy, thus far, though I am not sure how I would handle the equivalent of Apache’s mod_rewrite rules, which […]

  • Re-homed: Lick dot Blue.

    In which Xial relates frustration on bargain hosting and a change in hosts not even 16 months after the last one.

  • Settling in with the new host.

    I’ve had a few weeks now to get settled in with my new host, BigFoot Servers. I picked up a reseller account, mostly because it gets me the split between self-managing (like a VPS), and having someone I can go to when stuff just isn’t working the way I think it should. Getting set up […]

  • The search for hosting continues…

    I’m looking into a new hosting provider. With a grateful hat tip to Surpass Hosting for putting up with me for the last decade, it’s time for me to look for new territory to hang out. A secondary hat tip to the folks over at Scaleway is due, as well. Both teams of folks are […]