Re-homed: Lick dot Blue.

This past weekend, the webhost I had been using, Bigfoot Hosting, decided they were going to give a near-zero warning shutdown of their services.

A quick readthrough of LowEndBox shows that several hosts sent out the same form letter, announcing their imminent closure on the 9th of December.

Right… in time… for the holidays.

So, thanks to these scummy dipshits, I spent the weekend trying to hurriedly migrate all my fucking shit off one host to another, without the appropriate amount of research time to select after long evaluation as is my wont.

Saturday was 100% stress, because that’s really all the time I had to get my stuff backed up, stored locally, and find a host that isn’t going to get pissy with me because I’ve got a tiny bit of furry content tucked away in a hidden folder for reference works.

I eventually broke one of my own personal rules: I actually picked up hosting with the same company that I buy my domains through.

This rule went into play after 1&1 Hosting, ages ago, fucked me out of a domain name. It was early into my hosting foray, back in the early, early 2000s. I swore I wouldn’t host with the company that maintains my domains, in case they try to hold my domain hostage.

It’s an old rule at this point, and can be discarded. If I ever felt truly pressured, there are plenty of other companies out there that I could take my names to. I can also bother setting up a machine with a number of VPS providers, some easier than others to deal with.

But I don’t want to deal with a VPS. There’s a perk in paying for someone else to manage the server and deal with the uptime related issues. It’s a matter of balance — who will do the right amount of work for the right price?

I just host my little blog, some pictures, and get email. That’s about it. I don’t have to have all these fancy-dancy newfangled languages and triple reverse salchow proxies and stateful rests or RESTful states, or whatever these whippersnappers are snorting (*hah*).

Right now, I’m just happy to call Namecheap home.

… and off to get email fixed. Blarg.