Settling in with the new host.

I’ve had a few weeks now to get settled in with my new host, BigFoot Servers. I picked up a reseller account, mostly because it gets me the split between self-managing (like a VPS), and having someone I can go to when stuff just isn’t working the way I think it should.

Getting set up was pretty easy, though I did need to learn about how to use WHM. Once I got that sorted out, I’ve been able to migrate both this domain (hi from the new host!) and one of my other domains over.

This weekend, I’ll likely work on the biggest one, because I’ll need to get email sorted out for that domain, and email has historically been a big mess for it. There’s no real ‘clean-up’ for it, but there’s a lot to watch for to ensure I’m not missing out on anything important.

Once it’s all settled in, then webmail for the domains and importing years of old email would be next. If that works out as expected, I’ll be that much closer to being free of Google’s grasp, as I can then ditch Gmail, like I’ve wanted to for YEARS.

Fast forward to the ass-end of 2019. Bigfoot fucked all of their customers in the ass with a cactus, took the money, and ran. That shell company cratered, sucked in several sub-brands, and left people without service.

If you’re reading this, I’m on Namecheap for hosting, because I don’t see them going away any time soon.