‘Partners’, coming soon.

About a week ago, I announced on Inkbunny that I was working on converting Norithics’ Partners series, volume 1 to ePub, because I wanted to see a digital copy of the book.

At that time, I was hasty and thought I’d have it done in a couple of days.

There’s a LOT to Volume 1. 23 ‘issues’, at around 5100 words per issue (chapter).

23 * 5100 = 117,300 words, which is around what I think is in there.

There’s a bit of proofreading to be done as I go through each issue, and there’s conversion from not-quite-Markdown to Nimble Writer’s approximation of Markdown. Then I export this, make an ePub, and then get to work on the stylesheet to get it to be presentable. There’s also font embedding, cover generation, and then an actual hardware test to my ebook reader.

This is probably going to be a couple of weeks of work, provided that real life does not properly get in my way.


Either way, stay tuned. 🙂